Video game approved by FDA for ADHD children: Should you try it?

From Dr. Karnik’s Desk, 6/30/2020 Many of you by now may already know that there is a new therapy approved by the FDA for ADHD that is not another medication. For those who are reluctant to start a pill for your child, this may feel like a great relief. Of course, the question is whether this […]

COVID-19, Guidelines For Parents

Anxiety over Coronavirus is widely spread all over the country. Every day someone asks me in my office about how they can protect their children from getting it and I promised them that I will write about a blog with the information. This is a new coronavirus that has not been identified before and it […]

Stimulant Medication and Parkinson’s Disease

Do Stimulant Medications cause future development of Parkinson’s Disease? Just in the last month, I was asked this question and therefore I thought that I may address the issue in depth here. Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a diverse neurological disorder seen in relatively older aged population that affects cognitive function and produces tremors and poor […]

Probiotics for Good Health

Since Nobel Laureate Elie Metchnikoff identified that consuming healthy microorganisms could be beneficial to the health, probiotics have become one of the natural remedies to improve many conditions. There are vast varieties of flora present in our gut, and they are harmless, and provide many important nutrients, neurochemicals and vitamins.  Normally we have enough of […]